Please direct project correspondence to Elsa Oliveira at the ACMS  

About the facilitators

Elsa Oliveira holds a PhD in Migration and Displacement from the ACMS, where she currently works as a postdoctoral researcher and as the co-coordinator of the MoVE project. Since 2010, Elsa has been involved in a wide range of participatory arts-based projects with diverse migrant communities in South Africa, including sex workers and sex work activists. She is interested in exploring collaborative forms of knowledge production and the ways research outputs can be used to support social justice, including dissemination beyond academia. Her work focuses broadly on issues relating to gender, migration, sexualities, wellbeing, and informal livelihood strategies.

Quinten Williams holds an MAFA from the WITS School of Arts. He works with arts-based and design-based methodology in human expression, innovation, and problem solving. His focus is on uncovering opportunity within the nuanced relationships that emerge between the social, the somatic, the site, and handled material. Quinten has consulted to the MoVE project since 2013, lending his ability in ideation, production, and visual-narrative representation to several projects.